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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some new short stuff (1 min to 3 hours)

.. was in the trunk drying while I visited family.. from Tae Park's Heads and Hands class... i wish I had gotten more done on this but i think it's not horrid.. completely.. why does everyone like Turbans ???? and - oh - Tae is a great teacher..

Ok so I know all of you have great gestures and you're like ..zzzzz.. well I like this one so I'm posting.. this is like 1 min.. and .. ok moving on! I'll have some new class portraits up next week likely.. and then.. the dreaded SELF PORTRAIT FINAL!!!#$^# ;-)

Crashed Henry's int fig class on wed between my classes and drew ( terry ?) below.. 40 mins.. dig!

J. S. Sargent painting copy one night.. graphite on notebook paper..
a few of the series of workshop figures.. isabelle is below ( none of these are "blocked in" but are massed as forms of tone/color first and then fine tuned - trying to figure out ways to get more done in 2.5 hours!.. i do love these little figures though.. learning a lot ( slooowwwlly) ! this is what I get from watching all those Schmid and Silverman vids.. wait, I said that below.. wait, that's recursive.. laud.. hope y'all had some good things to give thanks for.. I am glad for many - but so much for the gift of drawing! ( and painting!)---

Mohawk guy.. not as refined but still dig..re-used canvas boards can cause issues ( when you are painting over an apple and a pot - like i did below.. not enough done but .. you be da' judge ( except carmen who can't say anything ! ( hah!))..


Em said...

i love the second piece of isabelle. :D i should really drag my lazy butt to figure painting workshops.. if only they weren't all the way at federal >_>

MAXER said...

I love your art works...
I love your quick sketch~ WOW...

wenyu said...

really like the little figure paintings..you seemed to be more confident, and more articulate with your brushstrokes

Anonymous said...

i like you first gestural drawing, too. i think i kno why you like it too. it's because of that very loose feeling. and it's that that feeling one gets when they make a mark or stroke and by god it's the correct one!!

whenever i "see more" and make a correct judgement on the first attempt, I say quietly to myself " ooo yeaah, thats right.."

hopefully i can find time next semester to crash henry's class too. lol

Anonymous said...

Your painting of Isabelle is a fricking jewel!!


I am actually in San Frnacisco until tuesday and would love to see your work.

Matias said...

That gesture figure looks real good. Love the confident lines. It's one of the best I've seen from you. Like Z say's, less is more! Hope you turn that painting of Dolores in to the Spring show.

You're on your way to being one of the best out there. Keep it up man! I won't make it to Federal tonight but I'll see you on Wednesday!

Em said...

turban guy came out really good, Kev! :D

and now I remember the Terry piece you were talking about. Haha. Yeah, that one's good too. but like I said I'm always attracted more to your paintings.

Cookie Monster said...

Hey Kevin!

Nice to meet you last night. I think you are on your way to becoming a fine draftsman. Perhaps we will meet again next week.