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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a new figure from Glen's class..

I am learning how to make decisions but have not figured more than, say 10-20% out.. maybe less! still..


Blade21292 said...

That is really quite lovely
! How long did that take you?

Matias said...

Great work! You've improved alot just the past couple of weeks! I hope you're enjoying your summer break. See you at the workshops.

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Blade - about 1.5 hours and a bit when i got home to fix a few mistakes.. Matias.. hah! I hope something is sticking in my head! thanks man! great paintings btw!


eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Your work is always inspiring, and this one especially so. I think it is the expression you captured.

theo said...

You're better every time I see your blog dude. You've always been very good and skilled and knowledgeable (is that how u even spell it?). But the thing I think you need more of is confidence, which SHOWS in your work waaaaay more than in your speech hehe. Being humble is cool but you're too much. You're much better than you market yourself to be. And while it's quite lovely, I just hope that you really don't believe yourself, because you shouldn't (and yes you do make good decisions, very very good ones).

theo said...

Oh yeah this piece is amazing btw, great everything on it, flow, pose, line weight, soft and hard edges, values etc etc.

José said...

Hi Kevin,

I like the dynamic of the lines.
Really good work.

Best regards,