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Saturday, July 25, 2009

some new figure studies in charcoal and oil paint(s)

Kristin from HY's figure class where I interlope.. About 3.5 hours on canva-paper 12 x 16"

Matt on canva-paper as well 3 hours 12 x 16..

above a detail of Angela.. though I detoured from her likeness a bit to design shapes more. .. she is a fantastic model! ( whole figure below.. about1.5 hours)..

above - Bonnie from SOMArts 7 25 09 about 10 minutes..
some 2 minute gestures of Bonnie..


Figure Finder said...


Great work. I really like the charcoal drawings. Strong lines and strokes.

Anonymous said...

These are nice.. really sensitive. Your self portrait at the top is killer too. Is that in photoshop?

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Mike - that was in Painter X.. I suck at PS.. Painter - though it crashes often is so much easier for me.. but PS has the POWER!

kopo said...

To me your paintings and drawings are brilliant. Found you through Wet Canvas. You are making your figures, faces, expressions come alive. The edges of your figures give the impresion that they are alive.
I shall continue to follow your progress.

calyx said...

Your first photo of the painting of Kristin does no justice to the original piece )':

Needless to say, GREATTT stuff.. your master copy was WOW.

Johan said...

Wow. Really like the Angela study. Thumbs up!

Do you know what sort of paper, and what sort of charcoal you used for that one?

anwar said...

jutio - that was my word verification code.

like i said mate, im really fond of these paintings.


miss you mate.