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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a few new drawings and paintings..

I got to paint with Tomutsu's class on Monday - super fun - we watched Burt Silverman's "My Friend Wes" demo first ( and if that's not enough to screw you up) we only had about 3.5 hours to paint..  on gesso-board  10 x 12".. never paintined on gesso board - very smooth but with a light tooth..   I think Tomutsu was pleased !

Above a very short allaprima painting from Henry's this summer ;  the original painting ( you can see remants upside down of the figure) just crashed so I flipped it over and restarted..  warm and cool play of light was fun..about 1.5 hours

above Veronique - a great model - 20 minutes at MCCLA on friday night

back pose in repose ?  20 minutes Veronique..

below Army street 10 minus..

below Army street 20 mins..

below army street 1 minute /2 min gestures..


3 hours and a bit of Boni on Canva-paper at Tony Ryder school.. tentative..

about 6 hours - not a great photo but i like this one!  of Alina at TRS.. allaprima also on canvapaper..


Em said...

great paintings kev, as usual from you. haha! i really really like how the first two came out. :D

Matias said...

very nice kev. it was great to see you. we have to do it again in the future. i hope you're enjoying your holidays!

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Thanks Emo! Matias - great to see you too -- your work is coming along so well - excellent subtle skin tones man ( loved her nose!)!!! will see you maybe over the holidays!

Carlyn Lim said...

Such delicious paintings... So glad my eyes has more to feast! I like the 2nd last one alot..

Nadia Moon said...

These are beautiful Kevin


I have seen most of your artworks posted here. I liked it. I write articles about painting and drawing. On Facebook, I am as 'Naval Langa'.

Sandra Heading said...

I love what I see here ....there's truth and logic in your work , and I see you in your work you can create something special out of the illusion of mark making and it's not easy to carry these qualities but you do and .... And you do so very graceful like and that's mor humbling and thought provoking then anything that can come to pass on these pages ....