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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Drawing from Hope Railey's most excellent workshop..

about 8 -ish hours ?  I think the model was Jessica(?) An student at LCAD with Hope.  Amazingly fun and information-filled workshop!   Thank you Hope - you are brilliant!!!

About 5 -6 hours on toned paper from the workshop.. ( different model - Jessica Jewel ?)

Same model as above, hair pulled back..

a 10 min figure from Army Street.. up-lit but I liked the glow!


J.S. said...

Fantastic drawings! Wish I could take a view over your shoulders...

AztcFireFlower said...

Great studies Kevin, esp. the last fig in ...10 minutes!!!! Awesome.

Em said...

beautiful faces, kev! when will you be back in SF? Will be taking an illustrative oil painting class with Irys this semester, taught by francis livingston. hopefully I'll be able to dish out some good pieces. Haha. keep up the awesome work man!

Natalie Italiano said...

Nice drawings kevin! I'd love to see the plane head diagram (drawing? ) that you said you don't mind sharing. Thanks

Antti Rautiola said...

I really like your handling of the line.
Keep up the good work!

RYAN said...

WOW. I mean WOW! You scare me man. I'm in burbank now. If you are in the LA area, drop me a line.

Pauline said...

One of my favourite places to visit on earth....back again! Hi Kevin...!!!

Danielle-Timcke said...

Your work is beautiful :) I really enjoy looking at it. I hope that I can learn from you and improve my own work.
Keep it up!



Alison said...

I just nominated you for the sunshine award. Just go to my blog to receive it.