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Monday, August 2, 2010

My Camie Davis workshop painting

As ever at workshops, there is much not completed in this painting but the workshop was excellent and Camie, if I can sing her praises, is a passionate, kind ( yet stern at the right moments!) teacher.  If you combine that with her astonishing skills as an artist - well, you got a great experience!  Thank you for all of your teaching Camie, I learned so much and this painting would be landfill w/o your help!

"Victoria" Oil 14" x 14"on Raphael 3x oil primed Belgian linen

Poster study on "Yes" canvas about 4" x 6"
Ink in with a bit of background

Rather, um, hulking painter over tiny painting and even tiny-er model ?




Beautiful painting. Any reason you switched the warm tones of the poster for the cool ones in the final or is that a product of photography and they are actually same?

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Hi ARmand - thank you! it was just the light at the time of the photo. I have re-posted the poster now in similar light as the painting ( give or take!)..

Camie Davis said...

It was all you!

Todd M. Casey said...

Hey Kev, Beautiful painting! Congrats. t

Ray Bonilla said...

jeez Kevin this is a beautiful piece!

Sandra said...

Um Im missing in action, but always take the time to look at you.....Beautiful as ever..!!!!

José said...


A wonderful portrait, reminding me of the old masters paintings.


Sophie said...

This is just beautiful. skin tones are spot on. You lucky you, doing that workshop.