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Thursday, June 30, 2011

13 year-old boy from life

He was my first young person posing from life!  Not easy but I enjoyed the process and the outcome!

He took about 4.5 hours and is on gesso'd birch ply wood panel 12" x 12".

And below is Etta, in a limited palette of Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, White and Ultramarine Blue. (from photo reference) about 11 x 13"

A few quick figures..

That would be Signe (in hat), Mery ( two top series of gestures), then Signe and Mery again at the bottom of this group. 


miniPau said...

Nice post!
The portrait of Eda is my favorite!!!!

Erik said...

Gorgeous portraits, love the quick sketches as well.
A question about the palette, where do you use the burnt umber for when you also have the burnt sienna. Is it for the underpainting or do you use it for really dark darks with the ultramarine. I'm always interested in limited palettes.

Helen Ström said...

You make it look soooo easy!! Nice work as usual!!

Pragya Tiwari said...

I absolutely love your gesture drawings. The lines are smooth and so confident..brilliant ! :)

lucrecia said...

I love Emmet`s painting. And your quick stuides... magic...

Patrícia said...

I loved your work! the expression of the drawings is magnificent ... and the portrait of Etta... is simply beautiful!