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Saturday, November 19, 2011

In the midst of a tableau.. perhaps a plateau even - I keep on thinking..

It has been too long for me to post but I have not been feeling the work of late .. and then things click a little.. all from life except the worker guys ..    It's great to see ( by the way) that so many of the folks who view my blog are - after the USA - from Russia and the United Kingdom! (then, in order, Canada, India, France, Brazil, Germany, Spain) - so for now - : До свидания - (Dasvidaniya) - Thank you for visiting!!

Laney, who is beautiful but quite challenging for some reason.. so happy with this simple, 2 hour study from life..

S - about 2 hours a few weeks' back now..  on not very good "Beverly's" $ 1.49 canvas..

Richard quick graphite study from life.  about one hour and then worked from the thumbnail later ( see below).. via sketchbook..

Thumbnail ( ok a more fancy thumbnail)....

Really enjoyed drawing Quetzal - although she is about 4'10" she had this defiant feeling that I really wanted to capture..  like "I am the queen here - got it ! -- something like that..

Thumbnail of dottie that I liked better than the drawing!

working bigger ( 30" x 40" from life is a new struggle/challenge).. not there yet!

These guys re-built my street a few months ago..  so I did this quick sketchof them in oil piants..


lucrecia said...

Love Laney and Sophie portraits. Great work on the big figure!. Beautiful!.

And love the gus working at the street. Such an amzing light.

Deb said...

These are alll awesome, Kevin! Beautiful modeling - love the painting - you should do more!
I know a little about plateaus.. I had a slump of almost a year that I am just getting past..... ugh!!!

Helen Ström said...

I particularly like Laney's portrait and the life drawing of Richard is showing lots of sensitivity of yours combined with some energy too, which is nice as contrast. Laney in 2 hours is great done, and the result is very sober and expressive. NICE!!!

Matt Linz said...

Great update Kevin! I love them all.

Tim said...

Very nice work!

Sandra Heading said...

Me thinks you think to much :) ~you are Incredible so don't give it to much thought ~for its not needed here where you are concerned ! I love them all but where those dudes really working !!! Very suspious of men at work! ; )

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Thank you everyone for your comments! Always appreciated - kevin

MoonQ Cho said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!

MoonQ Cho said...

so cooool!!!!!! i love 'em all Kevin!!

MoonQ Cho said...

so cooool!!!!!! i love 'em all Kevin!!