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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grand Central Academy Travis Schlaht and Ted Minoff Portrait workshop

Final day painting - about 5 hours or so.  Oil on Linen covered board.

Day 4 Painting - about 3-4 hours.  Oil on Linen Panel.

Day 3 Painting about 3 hours. "Ennis" Oil on panel. This painting is very small - the actual head from neck to top of head is about 4" high.

I had an awesome time painting with Travis and Ted at the TnT Portrait Sketch workshop at the Grand Central Academy this past August.  What is great is they don't let you get away with .. well anything!  Great demos by both of them and excellent insight for me.  Great to paint along with Todd as well!  ( Great Paintings Todd!).
Travis Schlaht with a drawing demo on day one.


Yorky said...

Terrific work Kevin.

Candace X. Moore said...

Nice, especially for such short sessions.

Todd M. Casey said...

Great paintings Kev! Had such a fun time hanging for the week and painting. Thanks for mentioning me on the blog also. Call when you're back,

Ola Sarri said...

Love these Kevin. You're so good at describing form effortlessly.

Ola Sarri

Ola Sarri said...

Love these Kevin. You're so good at describing form with ease, it seems like it's second nature to you.

lucrecia said...

Love them all!. My favourite is the blady`s painting...quite a beautiful perspective.

lucrecia said...

Love them all. Specially the lady`s painting at that beautiful perspective.