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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

There are still things coming out of non-Santa's workshop!

It's been a while since I had a moment to post anything!  Lots still being created but time has gotten tight with my students/classes.  Add some turmoil that can sadden and the slow-down compiles.  Here are a few things that have captured my interest, my pencil, my brush etc., -lately.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them!  - Kevin

Lanie, 5 x 8" Acrylic on paper (in my Moleskine)

The progression from pencil drawing to finished work.

S 5 x 8"; Acrylic on paper.  First time back in Acrylic ( these two small paintings) and the discipline - it's not easy!

J - one of my figure students - graphite - from my sketchbook. (About 10-15 hours).

Fernanda and Ron - graphite in my sketchbook..

Dominique is 6'3" !!!!

S - lovely pose!

Lurie - head day! ( demos)

Ward A - 1-2 hours..

"Nih" - a favorite recent figure..

Above - Loraine - the stretch..

 Above - Loraine - the walk..
Above Dottie J - her right arm was in a cast..
Above - Veronique - quick demo of shadow shapes..

Above - Marvin B - one of my Intermediate Figure students.. charcoal on Newsprint.

Tendai W quick head study..

Model head study - about 3 hours on Yes Canvas (Oil) - 11 x 16"


Sonya Johnson said...

These are all marvelous! And very inspirational, as I am hoping to spend this winter (when plein air season is over) working on my drawing skills and doing figurative work...something I've not done since college.

Thank you for sharing!

Sandra Heading said...

This Path never goes to waste no matter the crossroads....and I see a Pathway here full of Grace and Beauty maybe some wisdom and mostly in everything I see In You and what You do but as Long as I Live .....

I see Im blinded by your brilliance !!!~A x

Todd M. Casey said...

Great job Kev!
Hope you're well.

lucrecia said...

outstanding works , Kevin.. Love them all...but after watching your acrylics I have got my hope back on acrylics. Soooo beatiful. I have saw the figures....and your pencil`s portraits are something to watch and learn from.

Steve Molyneaux said...

awesome work kevin!!

Sandra Heading said...

Seriously!!!!!.... these are All fucking BRILLIANT AS! .... Im LOST IN HERE LIKE BEING UNDER WATER WHEN I GO DIVING , I just dont want to come up for air ever again...

smitten kitten ...

PS- SORRY FOR THE SWEARING;-) BUT well somethings just call for the overwhelming feeling of the words Im trying to express here ...A