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Friday, February 15, 2013

Hiya Blog!  It's been a while.  I thought we broke up but I think it was only an inadvertent trial separation.    
I am sad to report my class for Painting the Clothed Figure did not make the student cut-off - but we were right on the line -  hopefully next time it'll go ( or they'll ask me again !)
Here is a quick painting I did today in Mr Tomutsu Takeshima's quick studies MFA class.   This is, I believe Carolyn Meyer's husband.  I did this in about an hour.  On "YES" canvas.  12 x 16" Oil paints.

"The Pondered"  12" x 12" on a quite rough-textured canvas.  From life.  Done the last few days of January 2012.  Model - Noel.  A bit of a struggle for sure.

Catherine - for my Intermediate Figure Drawing students..

Tendai W pinch-hit for Lurie who sort-of fainted on the stand.  Sorry for Lurie and thank you T for doing a great job..

I made Catherine really push the poses.. ( helps new students see the cantilevers of the human shape!)

Lainey - speedy demo..

That's about as much as I can like a drawing!


lucrecia said...

Always a pleassure for our eyes and a lesson about great drawing and deep knowledgement about colors...Aboslutelly looove the paintings...

Sandra Heading said...

So I'm just getting in from drawing out late and thinking .... ;-) Strangely I do that from time to time - think that is ! ....Gees I'm on this eternal high from life drawing , and niw theres nothing that can bring me down earth , but then I think ' wait go look at this Mans amazing art for god sake .... .... And ' I fall at your feet....Kevin WuESte !!!! Like falling stars and staring at the sky ....cause you are my one and only .... You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight ......x