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Monday, June 3, 2013

A few of my recent figures and heads.. mostly from life except when they're not.

It feels like a bit of a guilty pleasure to draw w/o teaching now... Very odd ..  I also bought the wrong paper ( rough newsprint).. and it's not my wheelhouse.  So, thanks for looking!  More new paintings soon!

Figures from life - Rachel is the model - very fun to draw her - she poses dynamically !
Rachel on rough and Daisy in the bodice leather thing..
Some 20's and 30's movie star studies and a quick 3 minute seated gesture of Rachel..


lucrecia said...

Kevin what a masterful lesson on the figure and the portraits. I treassure this works from you, and I watch them carefully to get the way you approach the big shapes.

Sandra Heading said...

I fooking love your drawing , guilty or not ! , ok I'm guilty as charged ! , sue me all you want ! ;-)

It's so sublimed and rapturous and on fire !!! I think I could write music to you work ....

Steve Molyneaux said...