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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two Paintings of Sophia Constance Ellis while subbing for Master Henry Yan last week at the Academy of Art University.

The top painting was for his clothed figure class and the bottom one for his Figure Painting 1 class.  I enjoyed working with his students ( and saw some of my students in his classes as well - like Greg H back from Afghanistan and hilarious as ever ( and still using Acrylics - what ?)

Figures from life on newsprint + charcoal from 2-20 minutes

2 20 minute figures and 2 gestures - all "Mira"


Andrew M Grant said...

Nice lines! You capture a lot of info in a short time.

Pierre Meurice said...

beautiful!! do you plan to put a video of your painting steps or have you made any video tutorial? I really like your drawing. Very nice work!!

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Hi Pierre - thank you. I will at some point do some videos. I have shot some for my school but I have never seen them!! If I do so - I will post the information for them here!


lucrecia said...

Oh, that nude form Sophia....,and the clothed one...you have owned the light at those works, Kevin.