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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Recent head studies from life - working at Travis Schlaht's excellent studio in New York City - so great!

I had a great week in New York City - painting with Travis Schlaht and Todd Casey - great to watch them both working and infuse my humble efforts as I went!  Thank you Travis for the invite and all the learning - so great to watch you work and see your decision-making!  Much to learn and miles to go..

"Brat" ( or maybe it's "BRATT!") - Oil on Linen Panel - about 3 hours and 8 x 12" size. From life and Natural light!

Maria - about 3 hours on Linen Panel.. about 8 x 10".. same as above..
About 4 hours 8" x 12" from life and natural life on Linen Panel..
Travis and Todd trying to look artist-y..  Todd is air-dee-jay-ing..  I think!

Travis in critique mode..


Artanya said...

Kevin! These are so great! And I am endlessly envious of you getting to paint with Travis in his studio. How does one get an invite? ;)

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

HI Tanya! I wish I had seen this sooner ( I am slow!) it would be great to paint with you.. Travis, unfortunately is moving to Paris for the next two years ( approx).. but if you find your way to Paris some summer let me know - I hope to go paint with him next summer or winter!