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Sunday, October 26, 2008

i'm in a ... plateau.. need to level UP!

I wanted to try rough newsprint for massing shapes /planes at henry's workshop friday but my old rough pad was full.. in a rut.. all around - except for painting is moving forward.. below some quick things from henry's and from my clothed figure class.. the one with the guy and gun that is up-lit, that was a pose I "art directed".. ( 'lie back w/your mouth agog like this' - what is going on with my mind ? don't answer that!)..


ExtraordinaryCollegeStudent said...

These look great! I was wondering,could you tell me where and when that Friday workshop is again? I can't find the original post. I would love to come and draw with you guys (although I suck).

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Henry's Friday night workshop is at Brannan on the first floor at 6pm to 8:50. get there 15 mins early to get a seat you want... go to academy site, click on current students, click on coursework support at the top and look up all workshops by department ( ill, fa etc.,)

wenyu said...

The last one is my favorite...great forms.

Nadia Moon said...

Very-very nice clothed figure gestures!