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Saturday, April 4, 2009

the struggle, the darkness, the naked ( the clothed)..

Below is a 45 min from quick studies.. on masonite board.. really kind of dig it for all its flaws..
oh these first 3 paintings were done w/ little or no drawing - just massing shadows and forms.. not easy!

a 25 done with just masses.. on cb..

45 minute massing before we switched models ( the above girl was my final painting for the day..)

below a few of Eliza.. just 5's or 10's..

Somarts 5's of Tami the model..

Isabelle 5's from John Wentz workshop..

my favorite drawing from 4 4 09 at SOMArts.. a 20..
below is my first figure studying with Glenn Orbik down in faboo SoCal! he is all about the ideal, the simple and the flowing rhythm! so much I want to incorporate!!!!

An Isabelle painting from a workshop.. needs more form but the flow is ok..


E. Floyd said...

I really love your blog and the drawings and paintings you create, so I am bestowing upon you the "Passion for Painting" award. Check out my 4/5 blog post for details!

Gue said...

nice man. That's really fast for a 45 min quick study. That piece you did in LA is awesome. You must be learning a bunch!

Oh, dammit, you got to draw Eliza!!!?

The_Geeks said...

Who is the Eliza? lol Dam you and your LA style...wish I was there with you.

John Wentz said...

Beautiful drawings!

Josef Knoll said...

awesome update man! thx your blog is a great source for inspiration!