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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Searching for the "Big Truth"

Below is a close-up of my last nude figure from Adv Figure Painting.. it's too tight, has no edge hierarchy or color harmony and the paint is thin.. one more week on it and we'll see where I get to!!

just a quick under 2 total hour head study of tracie..

Most of these gestures are from Glenn Orbik's heads and figures classes I am now taking on tuesdays.. that Big Truth thing is something George Bridgman talked a lot about with his students I am told.. I have very little handle on the gesture side of things but will do my loomis, bridgman and fixler ( and orbik) practice in the mean time.. there is hope.. ..

below about 2 mins each..

also two mins except for the one on the right.. form SOMArts.. about 20 mins..
head studies from Glen's about 5 minutes - the one on the right about an hour a bit less.. I am happy w/that one!
below from henry's sat class last week..
older gestures on the left.. newer ( tuesday 4 21 09) on the right..


Helen said...

Ooooh I'm loving the gestures.

Btw, is zhaoming's email: zhaomingw@hotmail.com? I totally just grabbed that from hsi webpage so I'm not sure if its the right one.

Rita Foster said...

I havent logged onto my blog in a while, thanks for the comment! I see you've been very busy lately, great work!

The_Geeks said...

dude I saw what you put in the spring show...damn I didn't know they looked that good!! Let me know what you got planned this summer so we can paint some peoples.

Matt said...

I just wanted to say I enjoy your blog updates. And I'm so jealous you get to study under such amazing artists. Nice work.

Jay said...

Sup Kev. Liking the gestures!