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Sunday, May 17, 2009

a few things from the end of the sem..

Above: final project for quick studies.. still need to harmonize the blues but I dig painting/drawing fat bway-bways!

Above a 40 minute quick study of the model Kristen.. she told me it looked like.. her brother ( whatev!) I like it! (I made her pose like that so maybe that comment was payback ?)

note to self: don't do quick studies from white! ( see above ) so I didn't get a lot done. the upside ? the colors are analogous and in harmony!

Above: my last in-class painting from clothed figure.. I don't know if I know how to spell her name but it's "Nee" ( phonetically at least).. below is a study i did of her the last day of class..

below: doing a R.Schmid copy will make you figure out a lot about some things!
about 1 hour ( tiny)

Below are some charcoals from the Bay Area Modeling Guild marathon today, sunday.. it was pretty great but again: NEED LIGHTS! all from natural light.. so too much drawing and not enough form..

above - my fave in terms of 'tude..

Isabelle working hard as usual was at the Marathon thing..

As paul thomas anderson says: '..just one more thing'

a quick study of my messy basement and tony soprano on the flatscreen..


Blade21292 said...

That's FAT BABAY! Beautiful work.

C.B. Canga said...

good to see you keeping really busy. have a great break.

theo said...

love your little house painting. Do more of that. It's an order! =D

*hugs* gonna miss the AAU *cry*

Annie-Maree said...

Love visiting your blog Kevin, you give such great feedback at WC, it is great to see your hands at work :)

isabella said...

great to see you keeping it up!! as you always will
adore the baby! almost made me squeak like the girlest girl, but it is the middle of the night and I should head to beddy by.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
You know I still want a baby painting!!! These look great and how was the Tony Ryder workshop? Isn't he a great guy?