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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

some new drawings and quick studies and paintings..

Above a quick study - about an hour and a few minutes .. this was for creative or extreme cropping and I knew I wanted to do a drinking fountain/mouth/water.. never tried it so..

Above, another qs.. just kept it loose but tried to get the values and general color together.. about 2 hours.

Above some life studies from class.. extreme color (again!) and a MC of a Tomutsu-san painting ( but we had to make our copy from black and white and develop our own extreme color plan.. a fun excercise).. the two gregory's are - left with light on him and right, ambient only.. - i think these were 40's.

Xiau-Fong and Justina from a "the-Edmunds" photo.. about 2 hours.. i like it!

Above, a two week pose of Aimee ( spelling ? ). a Great model - very graceful.. but the pose was tough to hold in all these positions.. I did not get this finished enough but may work more on it from some photo refs at the end of the 2nd session.

below a 1 hour head study from Glenn's class.. so much to learn!

Below a 1 hour figure from glenn's and then a trace of it where I idealized shapes more..

below colleen from jw's workshop on monday..

5 min gestures at jw's below


Blade21292 said...

TWO HOURS? Your idea of a "quick sketch" and mine are two totally different things. Outstanding, btw.

paac said...

excellent stuff Kev!

Em said...

Cool cool stuff as always man.. but the first one is just aweesome! you need to do more extreme shot stuff man.

p.s: oh dude.. my word verification is seducu... say it quick and it sounds like.. seduce you. lol. sorry.. it's getting late and i probably should sleep.

Matt said...

I like how your pushing color in your paintings. Nice work. And the figure drawings a very good.

isabella said...

lovely! u're just making me feel bad for feeling exhausted