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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The lady of the lake.. or girl of the.. ok: I made this..

Above done in Painter and Art Rage.. Very unfinished with "canvas" showing through but I'm at a place where I like it.. So = stop.

The final for a demo on getting likeness from careful basic shape development:

And the only drawing that gets to "survive" from my first time figure drawing quickly in over two months!  Sorry to the great model Jenny that this is quite the short haul..

The below is a study I did while in Maui..  "the Kiss"

In Graphite via sketchbook..


Sandra said...

Oh yeah ! , Love the Liplocker very nice !!

Yeah that title..lol you make it look so easy , love any and all of yours in any medium !!

Anna Wakitsch said...

I really like the flower girl and the kiss :)

Stephen Southerland said...

Nice work, Kevin. I noticed you are an admirer of Ted Seth Jacobs; have you heard of The Dictionary of Human Form? I just received it in the mail after ordering it about 3 years ago. I've never seen a book like it.

I had to tell someone.

Emerson said...

such beautiful figures and portraits.. definitely makes me itch to go back and do some figure drawing again until i get as good as you, kev.

Anonymous said...

I checked your blog after reading your valuable advice on WetCanvas, for which a big thank you.
I have bookmarked your blog.