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Thursday, April 7, 2011

And now for the middle of the story..

Mostly these are in-the-works things except for the alla prima drawings and paintings ( below, dudes whatnot)..   Less and less do a post my underpantings [sic]..  just trying to get the word "underpant" back into the daily lexicon.

Above oil on masonite - about 2 hours .. I forgot her name: I am offically old!  (ok old-ish)

Cliff - my neighbor - the first image is after 20 or so minutes of add'l refinement (edges, light, form etc.,) of the original 20 minute study ( the below image).  This is a study for a painting..  Charcoal pencil on newsprint.

Dottie J - a new model for me - 20 or 40 minutes from life - charcoal pencil on newsprint and yes I didn't get her other eye built.

"Benjamin," speedy head study on the side of a wood panel in oil paint.

Sophie, a figure in progress - lots to do, lots broken but I am happy with the direction! and now - sleep!


Helen Ström said...

Yes, go to bed! You're working to hard!!! he he
Nice to charing your projects and sketches! Just continue with serenity and you'll get where you want!

Sandra Heading said...

lol ,So now your a Surgeon!! build that other eye! n -shessh stop with the Old-ish comment!, -Just how Old are you Mr W...but you sure can tell it like it is, meaning in your work;) !!!

Matt Linz said...

Beautiful paintings Kevin! I like the color and the editing.


lucrecia said...

Love them all... but specially Sophie`s painting. I like how you always change your hues-tones-chromas-whatever..


Deb said...

these are all great. I love seeing the process in these.... those touches of blue light in the first one.. were they there as reflected light, or did you install or enhance them? Wonderful stuff...

Ghislaine BRUNO said...

I'm glad you didn't build the her other eye. It allows us to visualize your process...
I love the curving lines and relationships on your neighbor's portrait. Master work !