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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quick Painting Class at Laguna College of Art and Design May 23- June 10 for 3 weeks!

I will be teaching a 3 week workshop - I hope to see some of you there!  See the flyer below:

To Register - send a note to Laura Patrick via email: LPatrick@Laguanacollege.edu
or ring directly on 949 376 6000 extension 224.    Laguna Beach will be amazing in late May!


lucrecia said...

This is such a great chance for those who sign in the classes. I wish I could live near Laguna Beach. For those who can take the class, run and sign in! . Great, great teacher.And artist.

Sandra Heading said...

Im am so coming next time!!!!!! please more warning eh!!! sheeesshh good luck but you have it all in the bag already ~meaning Rockin !

Krista said...

This looks great Kevin! Lucky lucky students!

Matias Salas said...

That's great Kevin! Those are going to be some lucky students.

Olivia said...

wow you have 287 followers and i only have 6... :) just kidding, you are great CalBen!

MJC said...

I'll be first in line when you do a class in DC!