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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Head studies from Travis Schlaht and Ted Minoff (and) Colleen Barry workshops

I had a great experience with Travis, Ted and Colleen B!  Each of them is an excellent artist and a confident and inspiring teacher as well.  A great two weeks in NYC at GCA!  Thank you to all of the teachers and I have lots to continue working on ( mostly, as ever - the drawing and values!).  All of these heads are about 6-7" in size and I painted on linen panels and prepared gesso boards.  Most heads were about 4 hours total time give or take I think.  Oil paints and a few graphite studies of Connor D at the bottom.

Isabel on linen panel

 Anna Nina on Gesso Board

I will get her name - first model for Colleen Barry's workshop - very distinctive young woman!

Katie W, our monitor and an excellent artist, subbed for the model ( this was a short painting 1/2 day so about 2+ hours as was Anna Nina above - both on the same day) who misplaced the date!

Gabriel - first model day for Colleen's workhops ( week two)

Ernesto - Day two or one Colleen's workshop (now I am confused!)

 Steampunk man - one of two paintings that did not survive my wipe-out cloth.. oh well.. it was almost there.. but not!

Some quick graphite head drawings from the first day of TnT before painting began on Tuesday.  This is Maria ( I am intimidated! and Connor our monitor for week two ( who sat in the first week to draw and paint and model!)


lucrecia said...

Yay! Great works, Kevin. Fantastic work on values. This are paintinbgs to look once, twice and more...

I love Isabel and Ernesto...Ernesto..., it is really a head`s painting plus the expression. Well expression is at all the paintings.

Ariel said...

What a great experiences Kevin!
It seems a very different approach respecting Camie's workshops, it is right? Something more like "big planes" than modelling... or is just a wrong impression?

Ariel said...

(well, "time" is a big factor here... this portrait seems to be all "alla prima"); but it was a conceptual difference in the approaches? Just curious! :)

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Thank you Luicre!

Ariel - hey! well - these are super fast vs 40 hours so while I try to keep an eye on being form-y I am trying to get key shapes in light and less light down - if that makes any sense. There is still an attempt to roll out of the terminators - even if it appears quite quick. Camie - I have only seen her do one quick painting and it was similar. It might also be my skill ( or lack).. ! If you are familiar with Travis' head painting method, I was mostly following that ideal as I very much admire what he and Ted are doing ( as well as Colleen !) all beautiful paintings though slightly different for sure. - Kevin

Ariel said...

kevin! yes, it make a great sense! Thanks for the answer!

I'm not familiar con Travis method, but I could say that I really love his work... he's the "different" from GCA teachers, don't you think?

I was seeing your work with Liberace also, you are working a lot!

I hope we can meet again in another workshop some time. I still have your indication about the "flashpoint note" to put in my box of paintings! Sorry, not painting, vegetable base oil pigments! :)

lucrecia said...

Love, love, Maria`s study in graphite... it does have that something...unique?

Sandra Heading said...

I can sense a Lights and darks approach to the forms in most of these works , Im guessing in thinking like thats a time given thingy .. but what I marveled at mostly is how you seem to comprehend your sitter so well in such a short time span ...you must have the eyes of an Eagle Mr W.....I am lost mostly in your skill and beautiful artistry ~A

Connor de Jong said...

Awesome portraits Kevin, it was great painting with you.

Jala Pfaff said...

You are doing just amazing work. Bravo.

Richard Piloco said...

Nice work! You assimilated there methods well.