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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Road work part 7: some items from Liberace workshop in Washington State

I spent the last week at a figure drawing and painting workshop with Rob Liberace at Carry Jurrean's WIFAS in Whidbey Island Washington.  Getting to two workshops with Rob this summer has really helped me re-focus on some key things and seeing his intelligence, vigor and artistry is never anything but a positive wind in the sails!  We worked on his twin Rocker paper ( thank you Flora Ling!) in what feels like a very old process but the results are really cool.  Also, his oil process is super smart and begins by simplifying.  I will continue to work in that vein!  Thanks Rob!

Day two drawing - About 4 hours or so - Serena.  Red Verithin pencil on Shellac'd Twin Rocker hand-laid paper.  It's a pretty cool surface and I hope to try some more on it!

This is Kate - my red pencil drawing from day one. The monitor for our workshop - Laurine, bought this drawing at the end of that day - thank you !   Both drawings are about 19 x 15 inches.

Attempted a painting on the shellac paper.. it needed more shellac!  here is the block in.. (Nikita is the model).

Nikita - last day head/bust study.  The painting felt..  Russian to me - which might be good for a Russian model!  On gessoboard. About 8 x 10.  4.5 hours.  Oil Paint.

Above Nikita - a 3 x 20 minute quick painting sketch..  oil on some crap vinyl-like canvas that I will not use again!


Renee said...

Hi Kevin, nice to meet you at the workshop and glad I found your blog. I happen to see you are also facebook friends with Atelier Maui. I was fortunate to study with Semyon Bilmes for the year before they moved to Maui. I, along with many others at the workshop, admired your work.

Matt Linz said...

Beautiful work as usual Kevin! I love those figure drawings!


lucrecia said...

Beautiful works, Kevin. I abolutelly love the Serena`s drawing with the red pencil.

Nikita is a gorgeous painting.

Sandra Heading said...

I really dig how you seem to take on the big wide world of Art much like some cute duck to water' , your Skill is Rocking , Wait No ' Shaking your Sails!!

-you are Quite Groovy No doubting to me ~A...