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Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Academy of Art Analysis of Forms Class !

I wanted to share some of the works from my Analysis of Forms class.  I had such a fantastic time with all of my students and truly enjoyed the time I spent with them this past 15 weeks.  It is such a short amount of time but I think they got some good things out of their time with me.  I know I learned so much from them.  Thank you - to all of you - Kevin W's Fall 2011 Analysis of Forms class!   Take a look at some of the amazing things my students did below.. there are so many but I selected a few to share here.  oh yeah this is all, simply charcoal on paper..  rock on with your bad selves!

Jacqueline Berrios' excellent Still life - just fantastic!

JB with her final still life..

Samira Rashidi's excellent still life - Figs, Hookah and Silver plate.

Jennifer Kim's lovely still life - great work!
Some of the fine portrait homeworks from  (clockwise from top left) Sadie Rose Schwarzmiller, Seth Massey, Jacqueline Berrios, Samira Rashidi, Megan Taylor and Jennifer Kim

My class saying "fromage"..

There's usually one student with bright colors (most often Kevin Garcia in Yellow)! but everyone
else: subdued and cool!  This was on our 2nd to last day of class.. everyone is toast but they have all developed/progressed during class.  I am slightly happy !
.. class in groups preparing critique presentations of each other's work

Kevin G, Samira and Big Jon working through critiques..

Sadie Rose S and her excellent Portrait final!


Mona said...

Kevin, you are a caring teacher, and your students are so talented! Congratulations everyone!

Sandra Heading said...

Teacher ,teacher , my pencils are all broken , my drawings are a mess , but I gaze upon your fine home work given ~and I realize YOUR the best !!

How Id of love to of been one of your students ! You/they are brilliant ! From a student girl !

lucrecia said...

What a cool bunch of students!. All talented and they have produced excellent works. Of course it takes a great tecaher to lead the guys and girls .

Wondering...why there is not a pick from the teacher??

I absolutelly love the still lives. Congrats to the students and to the teacher. Luicre

MoonQ Cho. said...

They all are good!. you are an awesome teacher, Kenvin. :)

marian.rowling said...

These look great Kevin and you must feel so proud to know you've had a hand in it. Thanks so much for sharing as this is a very inspirational post.

Sandra Heading said...

Gees ..... Im up late just kinda got in and yeah where do I head but straight for here .....to look at such wonderful art - Yours ....well your students actually !!! Fuckkk so sue me ....;-)
Yeah I did say sorry in advance but I'm honestly lost in the love here .....your love for ur class comes through here in driven loads of goodness .....

I See a Artist/man who cares deeply! .....and I love that , I find that incredibly selfless , and there's nothing I admire more in someone then their ability to give of them self and do so , -so freely !!!

"to every man a time shall come, and a season to every thing under heaven.'' -There is a time to love and share .....