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Friday, December 23, 2011

two new portrait studies this week from Federal 402

O. Chen and glasses from life and touch-ups when I got home to make the light more glow-y.  Note to self, others, I will look in the mirror - if others look inside themselves for where beauty truly resides.

The above - Natsu - is a work in progress. Updated ( mouth needed work!)


lucrecia said...

Love Olivia. that red is just the perfect touch.Natsu, what a great values.... your " golden values".

Beauty...looking for it inside us...that is difficult in this world. You are right about beauty, Kevin, but it also takes ( IMHO) a sensitive artist to discover the beauty in front of him and depict it at the canvas.Thank you for the demos and for the beauty.

marian.rowling said...

Beautiful paintings Kevin and you know I love the step by step. Merry Christmas to you and your family and all good wishes for a Happy New Year.

Olivia said...

WOW, if you took the previous painting you've done of me and put it next to this one, you'll see how different I look! Amazing what short hair does to you.
You really got my lips and chin!

Anyways, happy holidays.

Sandra Heading said...

I think there is Beauty all around , I dare to even say , One can not know beauty if you cant see it,...and well you dear Man ~see it!.. thats me speaking as a artist, the other part of me says ~ only the vessel that carries our soul is true too the inner Beauty we show.....A

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Beautiful work! Really enjoy your blog!

Stapeliad said...

Dude you are stinkin' amazing. Very inspiring. Thanks for the WIP pics.

Oil Paintings said...

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Beautiful paintings,Beautiful work! Really enjoy your post!