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Monday, March 5, 2012

I have learned that:  If I ride up Kings Mountain road with over 2600 Feet of Elevation change and try to draw after - it will be like... Stick-man.
Here endeth the lesson!

"Upbraided"  Model: Kelsey; from life oil paint.

Done from a white (untoned) ground. 8 x 10"

"The Fifth"
Model: Benjamin; from life, oil paint 8 x 10"

"Eartha 1" From life, Charcoal on Paper
Model: Kadijah White

Eartha 1A" From life, Charcoal on paper.5 minutes and some values added later.

"Eartha II" From Life, Charcoal on paper

Workshop 20 - From life - really interesting model - though - lately - this has been true all over ( see above!).

Quick head studies - all from the live model ( two different models here and I have forgotten).
Charcoal on paper.

"A Merging Way" 10 minutes, From life. Model "Bob"
Charcoal on paper.

"Time line" 10 Minutes. From Life. Model: "Alisha"
Charcoal on paper.

2 Minute Gestures from life. Model: "Alisha"

Charcoal on Paper.

Same as above..

"Sarafina" head demo - about 7 minutes or so..


sdmolyne said...

especially like eartha1

great sketches kevin!

jyothisethu said...

it is nice to see your work...

thanks for sharing...

lucrecia said...

Love the pantings and drawings, Kevin. Those quick gestures are pure harmony.

Free said...

Kevin, you work on this cool-bluish tone in most of your paintings. What colors do you use to get your ground that color (If you don't mind my asking). I'd really appreciate the tip.

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Thank you everyone!

@Free: I often tone my canvases with a mix of White gesso and a bit of acrylic black - so it tends to look quite blue. I also have a Munsell neutral Grey gesso from Richeson that works really nicely..


Free said...

I'll have to try that. Thanks a lot. Your response is much appreciated!

MoonQ Cho. said...

Those are just lovely and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your words and artpieces all the time.