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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Will the year treat us well ?

Classicism in 20 and 5 minutes.
Demo in class of Megan.

Note: all drawings/paintings here from the live model except when noted.

"The Tilt"
Cindy - about 20 minutes @ workshop and then more work @ home.

"The Crane Wife IV"
Megan - in class demo for my figure students.

 Many Head Drawings - March 2012 ( charcoal and graphite) 

*3 heads on the right side from photo reference of my Intermediate Figure Drawing students

Drawn at Sadie Valerie's uninstructed workshop - great fun - wish I got more than about 10 hours on this drawing!  (Charcoal, Graphite and White Chalk on toned paper).
Nathaniel, yesterday St. Patrick's Day at the Henry Yan workshop at AAU.  For once I got to draw and not sub for Henry!!   ( About 1.5 hours in Charcoal, Carbon and white chalk on toned paper).  Note: Nathaniel is missing his "S" Superman tattoo..  Should've drawn it, wimped out..


steve molyneaux said...

you been really busy! Great work mate

marius said...

holy crap! that toned paper stuff! she is like floating off the page! and I especially like the drawings in this upload. i mean i always love your work but these are extra awesome! and no I'm not kissing your butt! i mean it haha.

lucrecia said...

Wow, Kevin!,, the crane wife number.., the figure in white challk and charcoal, Nathaniel, and the anothers works.....Love them!

Ian Jun Wei Chiew said...

gotta pick up some techniques from you!