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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alexie Alla Prima. Oil Painting from Life. 8 x 10 on Canvas.About 2 hours

A new Model at the Tuesday night Academy of Art figure workshop the other night.  
I was exhausted from a long day in class but when she popped in, well it was ON.

Thank you Model Alexie for inspiring me!

A Poster study for a painting of Sophie.  On CanvaPaper.
Approximately 7 x 6"
I have not done a poster in a while and it felt great
to do one.  I learned this process/technique from Anthony Ryder and Anna Wakitsch @ the Anthony Ryder School in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Candace X. Moore said...

Great job, Kevin. It's pretty clear you had a good time on this portrait.

It's fun to look back at your early work and see the progress you've made. You were good then, really good now. Encouraging.

ez said...

Hey dude, I really really like your work. I'd like, if you want of course, to look some of drawings and still lifes and tell me your opinion. I'll be examinded this september for Art School and I really want to know how to improve , especially my drawing. Thanks in advance

you can see some work here : http://luferum.deviantart.com/