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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Miracle/Master quality drawing skills can be yours! Read on!

I wanted to share with all of you my proud accomplishments - only completed moments ago .. finally proving that the less you practice and the more you skulk around on art forums, watching art dvds, reading art books, why - the better you will be! My course "Stop all that crazy nonsense ( e.g., practice)" will be available shortly at my website. Please use the following link " "stopallthatcrazynonsense.com" (tm) to connect to this invaluable new, 30 disk dvd series. It is in HD and additionally - 3d if you select the "super-lux" option ( only an additional 37.95 Euro) for your family pack of 3d glasses (3.2 units., approx.,).

This series will get you to the work seen below almost instantly (*note: other than the 400 hours it takes to watch the series w/o ANY practice whatsoever)!

 (note: this series is not available in Guatemala, Honduras, Poland, The Americas, Continental Europe, large portions of the Balkans and any country with "stan" in the name. Shipping and handling is on a by-country basis but is typically 100Euro ( measured by weight).


The crew at stopallthatcrazynonsense (dot com) (tm) ( registered, The Maldives - please note, also not available in the Maldives.

Wishing you all a great April and a great practice free drawing day!

(with thanks and apologies to Jason Seiler's awesome caricature books!)


Chenoa Warner said...

Stop making me laugh I'm trying to draw over here.

John Kelley said...

came across the FB feed and I was like, "what idiot is ...." ,

You got me.

William R. Moore said...

Love your blog and work. I opened this on April 2 in my reader an thought What the F_ _ _? You got me good, didn't realize until I went to your blog page and saw the date.

Todd M. Casey said...

LOL, wft? Ah, April 1st.. Should have known...