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Monday, May 21, 2012

 "Mondrian Baby" - Painted from scratch digitally.

Photo referenced used from a baby constipation advert.. from scratch - freehand to work on colors and shapes...

Alicia about 5 minutes..
Jessyln 5 minutes or so each..
V. Lean and not so tall athlete model..  fun to draw!
*done at Michael Hampton's workshop this past weekend..

Jennings - 5 min poses - a big dude!

1 comment:

Sandra Heading said...

Well Mr W Im impressed!!! THAT Expression is pricless on that wee Baba .... all from your head!! envious of the digital skill...

its said when we invent from our minds we are evolving from more than just our mind or soul...Thought Provoking..

The LD'S are well ' just Sensational and then some!!!!!!!!!