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Saturday, May 12, 2012

We had "Any Medium" day in my Intermediate Figure class so I figured I would paint between working with my students.  This model, whose name I have misplaced was just lovely.  About 3 hours and some time refining when I got home.  Oil Paint on Black and White Gesso'd paper.  About 16 x 20"

An Earlier stage..


John Larriva said...

Great! You take figure painting beyond the flesh and bone and really bring out the person.

Jean Spitzer said...


Sandra Heading said...

A Wonderful Painted Smile ' and to steel moments to Paint inbetween and make it look so Effortless . ..Sighhh... I think those students must be in Awe of you , I completely am as ever ~enchanted!

Ray Bonilla said...

Love the work Kevin . I pop over to your blog when ever I want my ego destroyed :) keep up the great work !

lucrecia said...

What a great work. magnificent lights and that subtle smile is just brilliant, Kevin

northierthanthou.com said...

I like the expressions on her face.