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Sunday, June 10, 2012

'Time to get down to some serious discussions.. Anyone wanna' open ?'

Anna - about 20 minutes - from life @ Army Street.

Anna - 20 minutes - from life - both I worked on more when I got home..

Signe - about 10 minutes and a bit of refine later..

Last week - Army Street - from life

Same as above..
And a few more!  A great model - this guy!


Sandra Heading said...

Gotta love IPhone !! And well I just gotTA turn my head to the Shattering Poetic Drawings of well ' some Guy who has Complete Magical Poweres in such music filled lines !!!!

AMH - all I can do IS Linger longingly here for a tiny while ...."sigh"

lucrecia said...

What should we be discussing about?. Your masterly skills on that beautiful human figures?....Loove the first one...and the anothers..

Paul Dolan said...

Beautiful drawings ;-)