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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm in a Tableau.. no - wait - that's...

Iris, From life - she is much prettier than this.  Trying to figure out some things!

This is Joy, from life from June 20 2012 on Illustration board.. She is also much prettier.  More drawing and paint handling study required!


Sandra Heading said...

Know that feeling all to well ....we have a saying here in oz land ....." how much can a koala bear" your work is always on a pretty high note , the lows ' don't sweat them too much as you are there for sure!! - shinning away!! ....amh

- I don't think we can ever grow as artists without looking into ourselves and seeing our growth or disappointments is not always the hard part, its knowing what's to come or expected that is the real test of our strength !!

lucrecia said...

Love them both!. I wish I could be watching near you when you think and chose those magnificent values of red, specially at Joy`s portrait.