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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Flea Market 1" 10 x 12 Inches Oil on Linen

My study did not get finished but I no longer have the setup - this was done at Tony Curanaj's Still Life painting workshop at the Grand Central Academy last week.  I should have more to show for about 40 hours but I am slow and clumsy!  I missed a day due to flights and weather and poor planning on my part but the workshop was excellent and Tony is a fantastic teacher.

My setup and painting at an earlier stage..

The process from a graphite drawing, to an oil transfer to canvas and then first layers of paint..


William R. Moore said...

Curious and confused...what the "to an oil transfer to canvas" is exactly.

Sandra Heading said...

ooOOooo ' This is SOooooo BEautifuullly BrILliant .... I Just LOve it ....love it , love it !!!!!!!..;-) ...it looks perfect as is ..weather you finished or not, is not the matter ....Gorgeous study by a more then brilliant artist! ~ A

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

An oil transfer is when you paint the back-side of your drawing and use a sharp drawing tool ( I favor a Mitsubishi .38mm ultra-fine ball point pen for this task), tracing over your drawing onto the support. I did my original drawing on a cheap-ish tracing paper so I could see as I "inked" it onto the support. Other times I have made a xerox of my drawing ( so I can keep the drawing) and did the transfer from the copy.

It leaves a very nice drawing in paint, ready for first washes, or however you proceed. I used burnt umber paint straight from the tube for this.

Sandra Heading said...

Seriouly !!!! Nooo Way .... Never Slow or Clumsy .... Just very efficient and highly skilled :) ....I'm kinda curious. Would you approach every still life the same way or more free like .... Or is it a simple fact ... ?!? Or is that breaking the rules of logic there , I'm also curious as ur a teacher what do you think makes for a good artist inside ....