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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

While life shambles around me, I turn to painting and drawing..

"The Searcher"
8 x 10 study in Oil on Canvas.  Model: Dottie Johnson

Model study @ practice session at the Academy of Art.  About 2 hours - Oil on Papier.

"Odalisque" - Charcoal and Chalk on toned paper - Model - S

"The Fitting" - Charcol pencil and white chalk on toned paper. Model -> Sarafina

Terry - same as above. about 12 x 18"


Sandra Heading said...

I may not know much , but I know one thing , there's beauty to be found here within your work ,

The love of art is what matters most , but what is art without love and music and life (passion) and emotion ... Ups and downs ...Take all those things out of the equation and ur still left wondering ..

Helen Ström said...

How good will you get?? : )
Amazing progress all the time!

Martin Dimitrov said...

The Searcher - is beautiful!!!

lucrecia said...

Your paintings are like magic. The Searcher is a symphony in blue.And thank you for the drawings!.

Sandra Heading said...

Fuck !!!!! ...lol I swear Im not some art driven nymph on here but I do come from some sea dwelling forest , but the overwhelming feeling of light in that faraway painting you created does take my mortal breath away !!!!

just so understated but very beautiful!