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Sunday, December 2, 2012

While direction eludes, I continue foraging..

Sophie, from life -about 2 hours; 8 x 10"oil on canvas.  This is officially my favorite art work - to date - of Sophie: A scarily smart, funny, thoughtful, and beautiful woman.   It is a pleasure to paint someone you admire and think of as a friend.

Jessie, on a many times used canvas board with lumps and bumps loaned to me by Master Henry Yan (cheers Henry!).. in partnership with another teacher - Oliver (thanks Oliver!).   Henry's words: 'OK Kevin, leave it loose today.'  I try!  About 4 hours on Canvas Board.  From life.  12" x 16" oil.

Veronique, From life - another excellent model - and person.  A demo for my intermediate figure students at the Academy of Art.  I wish I had more time but teaching means the priorities shift!  Charcoal and chalk on toned paper.  About 12" x 18" ..  an hour or so and some time @ home ..

Jesslyn - from life -  reminded me of a tightly wound ballerina..  Sorry I did not get her hand more resolved!  About 2 hours and a bit @ home.

 A favorite recent quick figure..
Simone - loved this pose!!

My WetCanvas 2012 Portrait Swap painting - Ricky Corbett!


Sandra Heading said...

It's a time given thing right ?! I mean what do they shift too getting the fundamentals down to a fine point or sacrifice the accuracy of learning !!

I like that Guy in the glasses he's Super Hot !!!;)(;)

Sandra Heading said...

What gives !!!! --Why is this page not filled full of extremely powerful , all mind numbing humbling thoughts of honest deserving praise - for such a fucking fantastic artist ......, whom I just happen to lov and think is - in a word "GREAT" ;-)

Excellent stuff !!!

lucrecia said...

Beautiful painting of Sophie, Kevin, just beautiful. It has some strong feeling to it.Always a pleassure.

Steve Molyneaux said...

awesome work. You make me wanna paint alot more!!