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Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Celebration of My Students - Fall 2012!

It has been a challenging and rewarding semester for me - but I feel blessed in many ways to have had the opportunity to see my students develop in my two Analysis of Form Classes and Intermediate Figure Drawing classes.  It is perhaps somewhat cliche and ironic that I find I learn as much or more from them as I show them the way forward.

Thank you, to all of my students - you have given me the gift of your work and your good humor and your striving during this semester.  I am emboldened by all of you to push myself further and continue the ideal of seeing each student begin the road of developing to his or her potential.  That - and the chance to have some fun along they - hey - it sure beats workin'!

2012 Fall - Kevin Wueste Instructor Academy of Art University

Some lovely portraits from a selection of my Analysis of Form students (above and below).
Mind-boggingly lovely drapery studies from three of my Analysis students - wow!

Masterful still-life works - also from Analysis class.
Final figure drawings - large - 30 x 40 - by Kelsey Martin (l) and Siena Han ( r).. excellent!
Drew Price's figure, an in-class figure from life by Cassandra Schumacher and Marybeth Carrico's final figure of Dottie J.

Above - some excellent portraits from the Intermediate Class..  Below - a few in-class portraits - from the live model and a very expressive and well done final from Ricardo Lima.

The 8:30-11 crew - who wants to get up this early to draw a pot ?!!!  (note: Sung Yun is not sneezing and Antoinette is actually smiling ( must've been earlier in the semester!))

The 12-2:30 crew - I forget why they were all laughing.. it was probably something Danny said!

Can you tell by looking that this group was.. TROUBLE! Jiwon is missing..  Marv!

Thank you guys for a fun class!  Kevin and Kelsey are doing James-Bond moves, Greg is probably complaining about something and Claire and Fernanda, Haram and Taylor ( with Corryn hiding slightly!) are striking a pose!  Oscar hiding..  Taylor suffered through three classes with me - we'll miss you Miss C!

"J" or Jiwon Yoon - with her final figure. Excellent work all semester!
Brandon, Nadim, Bryan, Kevin and Connor ( with Kelsey and Corryn hidden) presenting their figures..
Drew ( foreground), Nadim, Greg H (giving me grief as usual), Kelsey and Kevin II ( to not confuse Kevin Shaw with yours truly!) - prepping for presentations of figures..
 Kelsey and Kevin..
Oscar, Claire, Haram and Brandon with their excellent works!

More to come soon - thank you to all of my students for your hard work this semester!



lucrecia said...

Kevin, what a feast to have the oportunity to see your students and their works. You are all sooo lucky...Kevin´s students...and talented, and hard working young people....I miss the photo with all of you and YOUR teacher Kevin W....

Sandra Heading said...

Your a "Great" Teacher ..... It's just so obvious looking here at all this beautiful fine art work! ...and I can't help but be Alittle jealous (totally in a selfish way :)) of all those lucky students that get to have ur undivided attention ....and it's wonderful inside to see such a Talanted hardworking artist giving from his head and his heart...

These are days that grab and shake my soul ...A