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Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear Sir(s), 
Here are a few recent works that I thought worth showing ..  Crawl..Run - right.  n=Crawl..

"Potrero Girl" - from the live model - on Mi Tientes with carbon, conte and white chalk

"Lyric turning" - done in class from the live model - charcoal on newsprint.

 Head Demo - from life in class

Portrait study done @ my last Robert Liberace workshop.  Thank you Daphne for shipping it ( I still owe you !) and Thank you Rob for being such a cool cat!  Only got about 2 hours on this or so .. maybe 3 then had to jet!

"Liz" - demo on graphite drawing for my students..
 "Clarisse" - same as above.. but using a stroke-y technique..

Samantha, Yibo and Sue-Jong.. head drawing demos for my students..


Becca Good said...
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Becca Good said...

These are stunning..thanks for sharing your inspirational work!

lucrecia said...

Love thema all. Of course I have got my favourites...

Steve Molyneaux said...

great work kevin!

Matthew said...

These drawings are incredible...very inspiring!