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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The tableau - she continues - though not without continued effort..

"Ignominy" 12 x 10" Oil on canvas.
Jonathan - torso study/back charcoal on paper
Jacqueline - torso study /back + bum charcoal on paper
"Colleen" - demo on Drawing paper with willow and charcoal pencil..
The foot - a demo - it can begin simply as a wedge and you can go to town from there..


Sandra Heading said...

Hey there funny boy !!!! It's funny girl here , guess what ! It's really funny ' but would you believe I'm actually not one of your followers !!! Wtf , ill have to remedy that ....maybe !,)

Anyhow ' they " whoever "they" are say that this type art is dead or dying or is that diving ...;/) but I don't see much here that's dying or failing in an artful Academic kind of way , and in a time when my spirit is kinda hit and low , I see through you ....and what is given here taken for granted and often overlooked ....as a thing of real Beauty !

lucrecia said...

Looove Ignominy and the figures are a masterful lesson.