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Monday, January 27, 2014

Some recent oil paintings - all from life - all Alla Prima - @ Academy of Art University and with Robert Liberace 2014

The paintings that follow I completed ( -ish) while assisting Robert Liberace @ his Portrait Painting workshop in the Woodlands TX via the Woodlands Art League.  A great group of painters there and super nice as well ( great Bar-b-Que !).  Thank you Rob for the opportunity to attend!

"Sarose" - 10 x 10" - about 3 hours - done from life - Sunday @ AAU.
Oil on Yes Canvas - about 3 hours - via Robert Liberace workshop @ the Woodlands WAL - TX
Limited palette of Burnt Umber, White, Burnt Sienna and Black.

Same as above but on Linen panel..
Same as above but on Yes Canvas..
Oil on Panel @ Palo Alto Art Center in 20 hours on my Open Box M !  ( 8 x 10" gessoboard)


Adam Davis said...

Which black were you using? vine? ivory?

Great work!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful paintings, Alex!

I really enjoy the one with the green blazer and blonde hair. Such an interesting expression and color.

Do you mind if I ask what medium you use to keep your paints thin while painting?

I've never done portraits and want to try. I was looking through Andrew Loomis's book on figure painting and will probably start pencil drawing first before trying to do anything in oils. Doing figures / portraits is something I've not studied yet, but want to get into that this year to expand my studies.

Thanks for the posts!

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Adam - Ivory on these - and thank you!

Robert - Was this meant for me ? ( Alex!) - if so and I think yes - medium -pretty much what's in the tube (e.g., the paint itself and the medium it sits in - usually linseed or walnut oil. I sometimes use Venitian medium from Natural Pigments and once in a while I will use Liquin fine-detail for glazes or to juice up the flow of a paint but it's rare..


Jacqueline Katherine Gomez said...

Amazing work,.. Absolutely love your figure drawings and paintings!.. Every nugget of info on how you create is really gold... Thank you!

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Jacqueline - thank you and thank you!