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Monday, February 10, 2014

What should it be ?

I find the biggest things I am asking myself as a painter and art-person ( I don't take easily to the word "artist") is this:  What should the work be ?  What should I be ?   There are fractals and iterations of answers for these questions.

How realistic ?  How faithful to what I see ?  What pleases me when it's complete ?  Is it the hard effort of a finely rendered work ( yes) ?  Is it the heroics of a few lines and good design-thinking which propel beautiful shapes ( yes!)..  Is it the quality of the stroke of the paint and  how it meshes and mingles with the paint nearby ? ( absolutely yes)..  

I am blessed to have studied under amazing artists - and many of them - while having similar roots ( Ted Seth Jacobs and Frank Reilly seem like the primogenitors largely) they each have an aesthetic - and they are ALL valid.  These slightly shifting aesthetics argue in my head as I work sometimes ( often ? always ?); and I am working to create a more singular aesthetic for what I do.  How long will this take ?  All my days I should think...

If you read this far - you are kind.  You probably feel some of these things as well ( but based on your own path and trajectory).   Some current thinking - below - A figure based on several references - Acrylic paints on watercolor paper. 12" x 16"

"Wuthering Heights 2014"


Adam Davis said...

Honestly, I think that we ALL think of these things from time to time. And I think that this may be my favorite painted piece of yours that I've seen thus far.

Great work!

Todd M. Casey said...

This is a gorgeous piece.

I think we can over think everything but its my feeling that when you just create and have fun you'll address all of these questions for sure if you are properly trained (as you are for sure).

Just create!!

Love the color and looseness of the piece yet it holds a ton of good structure and also keen color sense. Great to see you post some recent work.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this piece, a wonderful angle to the head and eyes and a spontaneous background. The touches of blue under the chin and breast are the cherries on top.
As for the philosophy...this is deep and I'm shallow, I just paint and struggle, hope for the best and wonder how I did that when it works.

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Thank you Adam, Big Todd and Thank you Ronvilim!


Erik van Elven said...

Good to hear I'm not the only one thinking these thoughts. I guess it takes a lifetime. Love the painting, and all your work for that matter.