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Friday, February 27, 2009

A few new paintings !

Above -- Richard on 12 x 18 masonite (via home depot).. about 80 cents per board w/tax ! this is a 1 hr 40 minute study give or take a few minutes.. I like how the paints stay vibrant after drying on the board!

11 x 14 of terry.. about 1.40 hours as well..

30 min quick study.. wanted to keep painting her but tomutsu tells me that's not the point(s)!


EFT Studios said...
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EFT Studios said...

These are wonderful gems....but your gestures are where you fly! I am still transfixed by the one several posts below. The model's leg is thrown back and the sweep of the gluteal folds both vertical and horizontal aid in the visual thrust of the hips. SO much said with so little.
(the original post had the word verification typed in it...weirdly)

Anonymous said...

How are you prepping the Masonite?