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Sunday, February 15, 2009

a few quick study paintings and some.. what else ? - figures

A few new long pose figures.. learning new things and .. gettin' somewheres!

Here is a painting I recently wiped.. this is about the peak of its goodness and then it fell over and got the big WIPEOUT! ;-)

Below is "Ted and Coke and nuc-u-lar apple".. this is from quick studies on some kind of Masonite board 11 x 14 (thanks Edmund for the board to try and Janet for insisting on the Ted!) - 40 minutes plus about 15 minutes of final value/chroma tweaks after.. (note : the cast shadow on the apple is not that dark.. it's my camera's fault ! ( me))..

Below is Edmund - about 1 hour.. 12 x 16 canvas board for quick studies homework..

Below is a 45 min QS on masonite board..
Below about 1hr 40 mins figure study of Kristen.. the brown bg needs to be fixed and she could have had some more paint but .. spent too much time on the HEED! ( again!)

HYan workshop friday night.. the only decent drawing of the night.. and even it has issues..

H Yan tuesday night workshop.. ok i'm thinking that's all right! 20 mins..

below 1m gestures..
below 10 mins..
below 5 mins same pose different night ! ( and same model!)
below saturday at somarts.. judith is a FANTASTIC poser.. couldn't stay too long but these are ok !


Josef Knoll said...
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Gue said...

dude, that painting of Becka is sweet. Why, why did you have to mess it up!!!!!

Em said...

dude. your stuff keeps getting better and better. anyway, how come i dont see you at quick studies workshop on monday?

and yeah.. it's a sad sad sad thing that painting got wiped. I was looking at the thumbnail and thought the colors were really really good. :(

Nico Di Mattia said...

excellent works man!!

Todd M. Casey said...

Hey Kev, Stuff looks pretty awesome. Love the quick gestural drawings! Looks like you're getting better with every post! keep in touch.