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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a few new things - figures .. quick studies, whatnot..

Some new things.. I am having so much fun this semester!

the painting and this charcoal drawing are of Kurt.. painting from Brandon's workshop ( about 2 hours on 11 x 14 canvas board).. and the drawing - Monday 2 09 09 at Jon Wentz's anatomy workshop.. about 1 hour 20.

about 1 hr at Sean's anat workshop.. last friday afternoon..

Richard from quickstudies.. might be starting to get it.. a little 40 minutes on 11 x 14 panel..

Becca - some 2's.. at O&M's..Becca - 10 mins I think .. or 5 .. at Omari's and Marks!

I'm only posting the above tiny painting (60 mins) of Xiao Fong because my Mom will like it.. I think.. on 8 x 10 canvas board..


Alexander Marston said...

I think you're underestimating that painting of Xiao Fong. I like it.

Gue said...

that quickie of Xaio Fong is Banging!

becronaut said...

yesyesyes your work is awesome! that painting of kirk is great for being a 2 hour piece.

becronaut said...

hha oh you know me... sob story after sob story. i don't have wireless internet and it's a pain to deal with restarting the cablebox every time i wanna use my desktop. (see also: lazy.)

soon, though. i'm working on a (hopefully) sweet piece for printmaking?!?! i might even try to get it into the spring show, dude.

and thanks for the compliments!! it was an awesome workshop with good energy. hopefully they'll hire me again, but i'll definitely go to draw when i can.

Gue said...

thanks for the links, bro. Those Russian studies were beautiful. I'm thinking I might buy a copy or two....

Hey man, you came through with that painting, though, so don't worry too much. I know the feeling...