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Friday, June 11, 2010

Behind the scenes and farewell to the Anthony Ryder School..

It has been such a challenging and rewarding year at the Tony Ryder School in Santa Fe - from meeting and working with so many wonderful people to all of us getting completely sick of each other ( at least until we could throw the Frisbee!)..  I learned so much from Tony, Anna, Krista, Toby, John, Dave and Celeste - and cannot thank them enough for letting me be part of their world for almost a year.  I miss them and also other wonderful fellow students - Tina, Sarah, Dorothy, Jacob, Rose, Shelly, Alex, Anwar the Gangsta, Emile, Daralyn,  and enjoyed the friendships I have made and will treasure.   I hope I will get the chance to study with them in the future - they are all great humans and wonderful artists!

Jacob, Tony, Anwar ( the Indo-Gangsta,) David-B and Toby.. these are usually very unhappy dudes, I paid them each 10.00 to laugh/smile.  Except Anwar - who got a Shrek Happy Meal toy !

Santa FE local gang-signage thrown..  Also Big John R graced us with his manly and handsome personage!  I think this is after a beer or two ?

Thank you Rose W ( on the right) and Mark ( hub) for putting on the bar-b-que!  That's Celeste Ryder in the background, avoiding hand grenades no doubt!

Tony and a painting he did in 2008.  You can tell he LOVES having his picture taken!  I own the poster to this painting ( could not afford the painting!!)

There is hopefully never any question of Tony's mad genius!  ( this is a long still life work of his I think mostly completed in 2009.  Amazing, Stunning.


Sven said...

wow, that still life is brutal! The materials are so great. Do you have any idea how long it took to paint this?

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Sven - yes - absolutely amazing work! I think this would be over a 3-6 month period he worked on this and was in the 80-150 hour zone .. could be less, could be more - but a LOT - that does not include the poster study and the drawing.. so lots of time and care and study. Needless to say the flower wilted and died and he used a soft, gauzy crepe-paper of a similar hue as stand in for months to come. Anna found it and came to the rescue!

Sandra said...

Gongats To you Kevin, you are comming into your own and so well deserved too I say!!, now why are you not in the photos too, uh well!? :)

anwar said...

habplin - word verification code

MATE.. thanks for the info i've been checking out both those websites. Yes, Camie Davis is Brilliant. If you do decide to study with her.. TELL ME EVERYTHING!
Hope to see you soon...

...and im no gangsta... more a Casanova.. BAH!

Mercia said...

Ahem . . . :)