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Monday, June 21, 2010

a few heads and things from past few my days in SoCal..

Yes his hair was bigger than his whole head ( I may have left it a bit wimpy at that!).. about 1.5 hours or so..

Above, about an hour at Glen-O's glass at CAI...

I sat in a bit in Charles Hu's gesture class and did nothing to write home about.. above - well I'll write here.. about 8 minutes each


Helen Ström said...

Very beautiful drawings. Precis, lose and sculptural all in one. Lovely!

Sandra said...

Great stuff there Sir K, you do rock the boat...!!!...Like your new page header bty...

Sivananda said...

I found you when I searched for figure drawing on Google. I like your work. I have been following your work for quite sometime.

What I am more interested in knowing is how you have managed to become a full time artist. Have you quit Microsoft? What is your income stream now?

I am in IT industry too. I still work, though I wish I could become a full time artist. You can view my work on my website. My blog is not very active.

If you want to communicate privately, my contact e-mail is available on my site.


Jonathan said...

Love your work, your gestures to your longer paintings are just superb! I would love to learn from Tony Ryder he is one of my heroes! Keep up the great work they're truly beautiful.