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Sunday, May 8, 2011

One of my spring show entries..

This is a portrait of one of the student scholars at the Academy and an artist in his own right.  Oil on birch board  with a gesso ground and warm grey wash.   Yes the tattoo is real (as are the nose barbell and ear piercings and nipple area tattoo!).   about 20 x 16 or so.

The title is "..of Course I Am!"


Anonymous said...

Amazing work, Kevin! Really special!

Sandra Heading said...

I think you have it!!! a superb use of analytic colours here in this Face !

Matt Linz said...

I love it!

lucrecia said...

Fantastic work, Kevin. His face, the posture...a delight for the eyes of the viewer.

祥 Hiroshi Sato said...

Its super! cabron!