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Friday, May 20, 2011

Final day.. 2.5 hour painting of my classmate Olivia and 4 hour painting of Sophie..

Exhausted but had a great day painting !

Had to "represent" with Gue, Hiroshi and Tomutsu painting with me!   really pleased with this painting.. Thank you O-wib-ee-ah for posing !

And a progression  ( had the camera along as usual at school!)

Olivia progression above.. about 1 hour.. 1.5 and 2.5 or so..

Study of Sophie,  Sophie is great and beautiful (too, as is Olivia!) but very challenging features for me!  I think working on this warmed me up for the Olivia painting above so I breezed through that and it was just a joy to paint! ( usually Asian woman are like..  Nooooo!)  (e.g., difficult, very subtle plane changes etc.,)..  hope you enjoy!

some drawings from clothed figure (including a "hair design" drawing lower left)..  great class lots of things I learned (and need to incorporate!)..  Thank you Glen!  ( below, with a little help from Master Orbik!)


Matt Linz said...

Love the process shots!

Excellent work!!

lucrecia said...

Great, great work on Olivia!.
Sophie is also masterfully done and your figures are always a ... question...¿ how in the heck do you do that ?

Olivia said...

Hey! that's me!!! :)

I'm seriously considering taking a couple of classes at the GCA this summer. Drawing the Figure in White Chalk with Will St. John and Long Pose Figure Drawing with Jon DeMartin.
I don't think I'm ready for Portrait Drawing and Painting yet.

Sandra Heading said...

All Lots oF BeaUtIfUL happening !!

Thankyou for Sharing your hard work- Umm (Talent);)!!

Chenoa Grace said...

Olivia! Hi, friend. Kevin: beautiful as always... I'm referring to the painting of course ;)

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Thanks Matt and Luicre! how do I do what Luicre ? I have no idea ! 0h - practice, careful, calm, particular, patient - all that!

Olivia - I think those would be awesome! come take tomutsu's head painting !! I am really happy with my painting of you.. you are NOT EASY ( to paint, I mean)
-Thank you Sandra ..
-He Chenoa - how's K-town ? it was quiet in 402 w/o you!

Rani said...
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wenli said...

you are so gifted! i am all admires!