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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some new studies from life and the super-fat drooling fat-baby (for charity)

This is Luri ( I am not sure of her spelling, hopefully she can correct me!) - about 4 hours - from life on 1.99 party-fun store canvas 8 x 10"

 This is a painting I did a while back for practice and fun, I have updated it to prepare for a charity auction my sister-in-law is involved in.  What I didn't know then, could fill a phonebook about painting ( two years ago)..  I can still fill a phone book, it's just a different one now.

About an hour - Kaycee from Sean Connor's friday figure workshop.. First figure drawing in a while!


Sandra Heading said...

Theres one thing in drawing from life thats makes one see just how much the detail is so much more evident ... thats a "cherub" baby !!!

lucrecia said...

I love that figure and the masterfully foreshortening. I can look at that bay for a good while. And what a fantastic simphony at Luri`s portrait.

Jala Pfaff said...

Love the figure drawing. One hour. Very impressive.
And also love the Asian woman portrait here.